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Ensure your safety at a coffee price per month!

We’re protecting your entire system from all real-time malware, including all maintenance and support services, 100% cloud-based, without spending any technical resources, with no infrastructure investment just at a coffee price per month per user.

Get Rid of Endless Hidden Costs!

Infrastructure costs, operating systems, technical resources, outages and faults, updates and patches, installation, maintenance and support costs, trainings and many other things… Do not enter into any of these costs to ensure your security, use your resources effectively.


Cyber security is no longer a technological issue. Today, the importance of Cyber Security has become one of most significant issues of companies due to its direct link to company’s reputation, hassle-free operation and operability. The damages caused by cyber threats are hundreds of billion dollars and the amount is significantly increasing day by day

WHY should cyber attacks be considered?

  • Direct reputation can lead to loss of money, business and information.
  • It is much cheaper, quicker and easier than physical attacks (theft, extortion, armed attack, etc.) that can be done to cause the same damage.
  • Threats are developing day by day and becoming more complicated. Therefore, even though much more money is spent to be protected, it is still not enough.

Because you need to focus on your own business, it may not be very meaningful to set up a team to monitor, analyze and respond to attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In such cases, we recommend managing your entire system remotely with our expert and professional staff.

We can offer the following services as 100% cloud-based with our technology partners and our Tier-3 certified data center partner.

Cyber Threat Protection

We provide real-time protection against all cyber threats as 100% cloud-based.

Security Information and Event Management

We provide real-time visualization, correlation and analysis of events on your network.

Vulnerability Management

We detect the weaknesses in your network, provide regular monthly reports, offer solutions to solve problems.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We back up your data on a regular basis and ensure that your system continues to function normally in extreme situations.

Your Major Benefits

Tax Advantage

You can deduct all services from tax payments.

You Can Pay As You Use

AYou pay monthly or yearly during your service.

Always Get Unlimited Support

If there is any problem, you will receive 24/7 service from our technical experts.

Use Infrastructure Resources Efficiently

You do not need any hardware or software licenses.

Start Using Your System in a Very Short Time

You begin to benefit from our services in minutes.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Our services are turnkey. You don’t pay unless you are 100% satisfied.

Your system is always up to date

All products we offer are always up to date. You do not need to make any updates.

Use All System Anywhere

You can see all your usages, your system’s performance and reports from anywhere at anytime.


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