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Network security is not provided by the relevant equipment or solutions only. Your network should always be under control, and any unknown device, unauthorized interference, use by any user of more than one bandwidth should be recorded immediately by the IT Administrator. We offer the products of companies that are world leaders in this field, including installation, commissioning, maintenance and support services.


Our Network Security Security Solutions:


New Generation Firewall Devices control package content, source-target and user behavior without sacrificing performance. The most important difference between the New Generation Firewall and traditional devices is that the Next Generation Firewall has an architecture that can recognize the applications that generate traffic, and thus provide a higher level of protection. In addition, it is easy to separate the applications and to establish corporate policies according to business rules.

New Generation Firewall Devices can examine the data packets in more detail so that there is no need for a second product to check the data packets and this is recovered in performance and cost.

According to the Gartner report, it is estimated that 80% of the traffic will be encrypted by the year 2019. According to the same report, 50% of the attacks targeting businesses are stored in encrypted traffic.

The new generation safety devices we provide as Sibertis have sandbox technology so we can avoid targeted attacks for businesses.


The WEB Protection engine intelligently scans the WEB content and provides filtering. The latest advanced techniques are used in scanning and blocking, such as Javascript, emulation (acting as another computer), behavioral analysis, special measures against sensitive words, and dynamic URL analysis for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. We particularly recommend WEB Protection and Filtering solution for schools, public institutions and social venues.

Thanks to the cloud-based Sandbox technology in the solution of our business partner Sophos, the user is provided with visibility and analysis capability against targeted attacks.


Email Protection solutions SPAM provides protection against ransomware, viruses, and zero-day attacks. The solutions we provide to our customers support Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise as well as known e-mail servers, as well as platforms such as Office 365. We can deploy our Email Protection solutions in as little as 1 hour regardless of the number of users. You start to see the difference immediately after commissioning. Email Protection Solutions also support Sandboxing technology. In this way, each of the e-mails passing through the server is scanned by the system and any malicious e-mails are extracted.

Prevent Possible Attacks That Can Be Sent with Email Submission

Control all incoming and outgoing emails with our solutions. You can protect your employees, data and brand value from all of the following attacks:

  • Imitation E-mails
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Spam Emails
  • Bulk Emails

Multilayer Content Analysis

Protect your emails from all known or unknown malware with multi-tiered content analysis. Especially in unknown threats, dynamic reputation analysis continuously evaluates local and global IP addresses and decides whether to accept or quarantine e-mails. Thus, a possible attack is prevented in the early stages.

Sandbox Technology to Prevent Targeted Attacks

Whether it’s cloud-based or locally-based sandbox technology, you can analyze the security of links and files in a multilayered system, and quarantine the message in case of a breach of your security policies.

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Network Access Control – NAC

According to a survey conducted by ABI Research in 2017, 5 billion devices were connected to each other between 1990 and 2015. The number of connected IoT devices is expected to be 30 billion by the end of 2020 and due to BYOD trends, most of these devices will be uncontrollable by agent-based security methods.

Our exclusive business partner in Network Access Control, ForeScout offers an agency-free approach to real-time discovery, classification, evaluation and visualization of devices in the network or cloud. The ForeScout solution works seamlessly in any wired or wireless network with or without 802.1X.

The ForeScout solution provides users with the following examples:


Internet of Things – IoT

You can easily find devices, users, applications and operating systems on your network from a single management panel, classify them according to their profiles, and automatically assign them to Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) after scanning.


Network Access Control – NAC

Provides real-time visibility in operating systems to users on devices that want to connect to the network. It alerts users and IT Professionals to attempt, block, restrict and assign devices safely to VLAN.

Guest Authorization

Automatically authorizes the guests, customers, or business partners to connect to the network, and they are allowed to connect to the network following company policies if they are safe.

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

Personal devices such as laptops, tablets, phones belonging to company employees are displayed without agency, virus scans are performed and their access to the corporate network is controlled by the IT Manager in a controlled manner.

End-point Security Regulation and Compliance

All devices can be controlled either in the network or outside the network. Users who do not comply with the company policy, try to download unwanted software, or want to change the configuration will be warned and logged by the ssytem.

Secure Cloud Operations

All devices in private cloud or public cloud environments can be controlled by the IT Manager. Security and policy compliance screening can be performed instantly for all physical and virtual environments.

Our Partners in the field of Network Security

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