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No matter how good your infrastructure and network security is, it does not provide an effective security measure on the part of end users. Your end users will always be open to threats from outside. Blocking outgoing data, restricting Internet access, not using removable devices may not seem to be a solution; the operation of such applications may have consequences that directly affect the performance of the work. Instead, you can protect your end-users from outside attacks, organize out-of-the-box data, and effectively control your end-users on your network in accordance with your company policy.

As Sibertis, we can provide you with your needs analysis, suggesting the appropriate solution, technical presentation, installation and training. The end-user security and audit solutions we offer in this context are as follows:


End-User Security is one of the most developed sectors in the IT sector in the last 5 years. According to the evaluations of many international independent organizations, almost all of the well known brands in the global market provide end-users with 95% to 99% protection against malware. The protection rate can be decreased and increased depending on the performance of the peripheral systems working with the Endpoint Security solution. These rates are sufficient for many IT Managers.

Other factors affecting protection decision as well as an IT Manager’s end-user security solution;

  • Blocking Ransomware
  • Use habit
  • Easy to use management panel
  • Does not affect performance
  • Cost
  • Open to new technologies such as machine learning, behavioral analysis
  • Integrated operation with security systems such as DLP, Firewall, NAC environment

As Sibertis, we can protect your organization from all malicious software and cyber threats, with our expert staff in each field and our business partners who are world leaders in this field. The endpoint protection solutions we provide to our customers include the following features:


The Gartner End User Security Report for 2018 was released. You can contact us for more detailed information about the report.

Real-Time Protection

Protect your endpoints against all known and unknown malware.

Malware Protection

Helps provide real-time server protection against viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojan horse attacks.

Behaviour Analysis and Prevention

You can automatically block zero day attacks with heuristic analysis methods.

Secure SSL

Personal information, such as credit card information, passwords, birth dates, can be securely accessed.

Application Control

You can block downloading and running of unwanted applications, and reporting of such attempts.

Device Control

You can remotely manage all removable devices and use only allowed devices on your network.


The loss or theft of your critical end-user devices is important for your company reputation rather than cost. For example, the company is responsible for the loss of a device that contains critical information in the scope of GDPR and companies must guarantee the security of these devices with encryption.

In addition, personal data security violations are usually the transfer of critical files to portable devices or by emailing the relevant file. Files or emails that contain critical information must be encrypted.

As Sibertis, we can introduce full disk encryption and file encryption solutions and perform installation and training services at your premises with our own expert teams.

Our Data Encryption Capabilities

  • Full disk encryption
  • Management of BitLocker and FileVault 2
  • File /folder encryption
  • File sharing encryption
  • Cloud transfer encryption
  • Portable media encryption
  • Synchronized encryption
  • Management console

Data Loss /Leakage Prevention (DLP)

The security of confidential information is of great importance for companies to exist. The data loss prevention policy should be dealt with primarily by the company’s top executives and should be implemented with great care by the IT team. In addition, the transfer of personal information should be made according to company policies. As Sibertis, we can provide data loss prevention solution for your needs and budget and if necessary, we can offer with the classification solution and do end-to-end application.

You can easily control the transfer of sensitive information below with DLP.

  • Transfer of confidential information and files of the company
  • Credit /Debit card information
  • ID number
  • IBAN /Account numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Tax numbers
  • Mail addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Passport details
  • Transfer of information about gender, religion, race etc.

You can contact us for more information about Gartner’s Data Loss Prevention report published in 2017.

What you can do with Data Loss/Leakage Prevention Solution

Content Filtering

You can edit how hidden or publicly deleted all of your data. Filtering can be in the form of files, predefined content, or keywords.

Device Control

Regardless of your operating system, you can edit permissions on all removable devices, permissions, and view file transfer attempts on unauthorized devices. You can also get a copy of the files sent to the allowed devices for audits.

Mobile Device Control

Location information, remote locking, application download privileges, control of downloaded applications can be done easily for all brand and model smartphones and tablets platform independent.


You can encrypt all data transferred to the available removable devices as AES 256 bits. You can also easily re-create passwords for forgotten passwords.


Sibertis can be used to define your unstructured data, optimize your DLP solutions, share them securely, GDPR, COBIT, ITIL, ISO 27001, PCI DSS etc. legal compliance.

With classification we can provide the following features.

  • Classification of your sensitive data in the form of top secret, confidential or public, automatic or manual, within the scope of GDPR,
  • Categorization of files such as ZIP, .txt., visio, .Doc, Xls, project, PDF, Video, jpeg, created by end users in a single click,
  • Prevent sensitive information from being emailed or alerted to the user, informing company policy, logging of relevant information to IT Manager,
  • Classification of information that can be transferred by mobile devices, secure data sharing, access to SharePoint and Cloud applications, and Azure RMS integrations with Microsoft AD.

Titus, our partner in Data Classification, has the following features:

Define Your Unstructured Data

Determine the importance of your emails and documents and leave the rest to TITUS. The TITUS solution can track files by making intelligent and informed decisions even if the content and extension of documents change. With automatic, system-recommended or user-oriented classification support, TITUS solutions allow organizations to determine the sensitivity and value of unstructured data.

Prevent Data Loss and Leakage

Identify and protect sensitive information, such as intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII) and export controlled data. As users address e-mails and documents, TITUS implements corporate policy and provides targeted, interactive training so that security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Change Users Perspectives

Have your users see how important the documents they create are for your business to continue. TITUS helps users know their responsibilities by helping them align their end-user behavior with corporate security policy when handling corporate information.

Reduce Mobile Device Risks

Reduce your mobile knowledge sharing risks by expanding your benefits to your mobile workforce. For mobile devices, TITUS Classification implements classification, prevents data loss, and checks document sharing, so your users can safely work from desktop to mobile.

Share Information Confidently

allow them to share information in a safe environment while complying with all laws and regulations. TITUS solutions are used by organizations to comply with standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, NERC, ITAR, EAR and various state marking standards.

Detect Internal Threats

Identify and reveal the potential threats inside by analyzing how they interact with sensitive information. When users work with email, documents, and files, TITUS records meaningful events for detailed reporting, analysis, and threat detection.

Optimize DLP and other Security Solutions

Data Classification help security solutions recognize and protect your sensitive information . With Titus you can optimize security policy and focus on the highest risk areas.


The End-User Control and Tracking solution enables you to maximize data security by managing employee file operations, Web sites visited, deleted or copied files, data security-critical situations, and programs that it uses.

We can list some of the other features that we provide within the solutions we provide:

Video Recording

You can prevent user objections by recording their activities

Social Media Operations

You can instantly view, retrieve and record the contents of the postings they submit on social media using the company’s computers and network.

Network Usage Statistics

The duration of users’ stay in the network every day and the sites that they access most within this time, the bandwidth they use, can be recorded and reported daily, weekly, monthly.


Inventory Management

You can access inventory information for devices and software (many features such as device /software Features and serial /license numbers) and extract summary reports.


Restriction and Prohibition

You can block entries from Web sites that you don’t want users to enter during working hours, or you can create only a permitted WEB site list.

Device Restriction and Authorization

You can block portable devices or only allow devices with specific serial numbers.

Help Desk Service and Messaging

Your customers or users can create a support service in case of need and ask you for help, and you can also provide quick and secure support to users who are not customers by remote connection.

Multi Screen Monitoring

You can also monitor multiple users at the same time and on the same screen.


For security, your mobile devices are no different from any desktop computer on your network. More importantly, because your mobile devices are mostly on the ground, their security and management must be handled separately from End User Safety.

As Sibertis, we can enable you to control all your mobile devices in the most efficient way, regardless of whether they are registered in the company inventory or BYOD (bring your own device), make business-related data more secure on your mobile devices and ensure the confidentiality of personal data.

Here are some of the Mobile Device Control features we can provide with our partners:

Remote Registration

All devices can be registered remotely by e-mail, text message, link or QR code.

Mac OS X Management

All MACs on your network can be managed remotely.

Group Registration

Up to 500 devices, smartphones and tablets can be registered at the same time.

Password Enforcement

Proactive protection of company critical data
stored on mobile devices by enforcing strong
password policies.

Remote lock

All mobile devices can be locked remotely in case of any theft.

Device Wipe

Devices can be remotely wiped at any time to prevent information from taking out of the company

Monitoring and Tracking

Company-owned mobile devices can be remotely monitored and tracked at any time.

Notification for Specific Region (Geofencing)

Specific notifications can be made to mobile devices in certain regions (geofencing).

Function Shutdown

Phone functions such as cameras can be switched off remotely.

iOS Restrictions

Functions like iCloud, Safari, App Store can be turned off remotely on iOS devices.

Sound Extraction

Remote sound can be emitted to find out where the devices are lost.

Push vCards on Android

Add and push contacts for Android mobile
devices, making sure your mobile workforce can
quickly get in touch with the right people.

Mobile Application Management

Manage apps accordingly to the organization’s
security policies. Instantly push free and paid
apps to enrolled mobile devices.

App Monitoring

Know what apps your employees are downloading
on their mobile devices, keeping a discreet
line between work and leisure.

Push Network Settings

Push network settings like E-mail, Wi-Fi and
VPN settings or disable them, including
Bluetooth, set ringer mode, etc.

Asset Management

Gain insight into the mobile device fleet about
Device Names, Types, Models, Capacity, OS
Versions, Carriers, IMEIs, MACs, etc.

E-mail Alerts

Extended Predefined System Alerts are
available, as well as the option to set up Custom
System Alerts.

Reports and Analysis

Monitor all users’ activity related to device use with a powerful reporting and analysis tool. Logs and reports can also be exported.

Dashboard and Graphics

For a quick visual overview on the most
important events and statistics, graphics and
charts are available.


Extended Predefined System Alerts are
available, as well as the option to set up Custom
System Alerts.


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