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There is a risk that any control system used for industrial purposes can be attacked without being connected to the Internet. There are many examples of this situation, such as the Stuxnet attack. In the event of a risk, a more severe picture may emerge, such as a complete collapse of the operation or production. In order to prevent this situation, we can offer critical infrastructure security solutions together with the Positive Technologies company, which we distribute. Our solutions include vulnerability scanning and analysis of systems.

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Industrial Control Systems – ICS Security

Today’s industrial infrastructure has become more automated than ever. Transportation, manufacturing, utilities, mining and all other industries are active every hour. Cyber security is very important, possible attacks can damage expensive equipment, stop operations and cause accidents.

Enterprise IT systems and production systems tend to unite, but we see that cyber security has been neglected in this process. A security breach in any part of the network may cause a company’s entire infrastructure to crash. Researchers of Positive Technologies have found that in 2017 more than 160,000 industrial control systems (ICS) components are directly connected to the Internet and open to outside access. In 2016, the company’s inspections carried out the penetration test that seized control systems by using security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities in ICS components have always been attractive to attackers. According to the report published by PT in 2016, 75% of the deficits were found in ICS components manufactured by manufacturers such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Advantech and Moxa. More importantly, more than half of these vulnerabilities were critical.

Industrial Security Incident Manager – ISIM of Positive Technologies, our business partner in the field of Critical Infrastructure Security, identifies intrusions, unauthorized authorizations, suspicious traffic, internet access points, weak passwords in all control systems on production lines and reported to the relevant authority.

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The signaling protocols SS7 and Diameter networks are always vulnerable to attacks. Using vulnerabilities in these networks, attackers can easily perform the following attacks:

  • View conversations, view messages
  • Track subscribers’ locations
  • Can fraud USSD codes and billing systems
  • DoS attack on a subscriber, subscriber group, or entire network
  • Get sensitive data

The experts of Positive Technologies, in 2015, were able to retrieve sensitive information from SS7 and Diameter networks in 77 of every 100 penetration tests on Telecom networks, 67 of them attempted fraud, and 80 of them were included in the conversations without subscribers’ knowledge.

PT Telekom Attack detection solution instantly monitors the security of Telecom networks, instantly detect and report anomalies. With its rich analytics and management panel, Telecom Operators monitor the security of traffic on SS7 and Diameter networks and block attacks before they happen.

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