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We take the loads on You!

You can carry all your IT infrastructure to the cloud and take your full attention to developing and managing your applications.


As Sibertis, we provide your IT infrastructure with our Tier-3 certified data center. You can start using the infrastructure in any size without making any initial investment and can develop your software and applications much faster. The scale of your hosted infrastructure at our center can be increased and decreased rapidly depending on your demand. This way you only pay as much as you use.

We provide data center services, also known as IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service. Any source and scope you want is offered as a separate service component, so you only rent the scope you need for the required period of time. You focus on your own software and applications, and we take responsibility for the infrastructure.

What is Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)?

Infrastructure as a service basically includes hosting servers and storage systems, network security devices from the data center. If the application development tools and operating systems are also remotely managed, the Platform as a Service (PaaS) is created, and in case of the addition of the developed applications, Software as a Service (SaaS) business models are formed.

As Sibertis we offer Security Solutions as 100% cloud-based and remotely manageable. View our Managed Security Services . 


Hosted Applications


Development Tools, Database Management, Business Analysis


Operating Systems


Servers and Storage


Network Firewalls / Security


Data Center Physical Building


Suitable conditions for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Testing and Development

Your teams can quickly create and remove test and development environments. This allows you to drive your new applications to the market much faster. IaaS both accelerates and reduces the cost of increasing and decreasing the scale of development and test environments.


WEB Site Hosting

WEB sites run using the Infrastructure model as a service are more affordable than traditional WEB hosting and are much faster due to advanced systems running on broadband.


Storage, backup and recovery

With our Infrastructure Services you can cope with unpredictable demands and increasing storage needs. You also get rid of the initial investment costs of backup and recovery systems and make the planning and management process simpler.

WEB Applications

WEB we provide the end-to-end infrastructure required to support your applications and network resources. In this way, you can quickly deploy your WEB applications with our Infrastructure model as a Service, and you can easily increase or decrease the infrastructure scale if the application demand cannot be predicted.

High Performance Computing

Thanks to the supercomputers (HPC) in our data center, millions of variables or applications that require calculation work easily. The processing and evaluation of data from many different sources, especially in applications such as e-commerce sites or financial transactions, requires high speed. 


Finding valuable data, data mining

The presence of data in large organizations requires a high amount of processing power. You can easily use our infrastructure as a Service for data mining and valued data.


Your Major Benefits

You can deduct tax from service fees

You can deduct 100% of all services you receive.

You Can Pay As You Use

Infrastructure solutions are offered as a service. You pay for how much you use instantly.

Focus on your main field of activity

Your team saves time by focusing on the core business of your organization rather than the computing infrastructure.

No Infrastructure Investments

You can use the expenses of infrastructure equipment elsewhere. This is especially ideal for newly established companies.

Keeping Your Business in Extraordinary Cases

The availability of high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery can be costly as it requires considerable technology and labor. With IaaS, you continue your work in exceptional situations and get rid of high costs.

You'll Bring Innovations Fast

You can implement all your applications and updates in minutes.

Improve the stability and reliability of your system

The stability and survival of your infrastructure are always guaranteed under the SLA. Maintenance and support costs are eliminated.

Don't Live a Cyber Attack Problem

Our data center is highly secure and is supervised 24/7 by our expert team. Any attack is detected and disposed of immediately.


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Sibertis becomes META Region distributor of Positive Technologies!

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