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Business strategies outline tactical plans and options to achieve specific goals and objectives. The IT strategy should meet the short, medium and long-term objectives of businesses and include the number and expertise of staff required to achieve these business objectives, the size of the IT infrastructure, and operational plans. IT strategies focus on the technical vision that your organization needs to grow, survive and compete.

Here are the 15 key elements that are important in developing an IT strategy:
1. Manager leadership understanding and agreement
2. Business process improvement analysis
3. Customized IT technology roadmap
4. Coordinate IT tasks with capital and operational IT budgets
5. Integration, design and testing of the required system
6. Custom software design and development strategy and process
7. Software architecture, integration and quality assurance
8. Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
9. Compliance, security and risk management analysis
10. IT Project Management process
11. IT Improvement tasks and budget
12. Preparation of guidelines for the operation and management of Information Systems
13. Analysis of cloud, virtualization, storage technologies
14. Backup and business continuity strategies
15. Provision of end-user services 24/7

As Sibertis, we focus on the intersection where business strategy and technology meet and provide strategic perspective to organizations with our 15 years of knowledge and industry experience. We can help you plan, develop and implement your IT strategies in line with the business goals of your organization with our expert staff.