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When developing the application, security unfortunately comes as the least priority after all other tasks such as deadlines, budget, organization, responsibilities and many other things. More than 70% of the developed applications have a security gap. In order to close your deficits and protect your applications, we offer Application Security solutions from Positive Technologies which we are distributor of.

Our Solutions for Application Security:


WEB Application Firewall – WAF

WAF Devices protect WEB application servers from attacks and secure WEB applications. The most frequent attacks against WEB servers are SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and DDoS attacks. The two most important measures to be taken against these attacks are to provide a higher level of security for the applications and to use the WAF device, which is specifically tailored to the needs of the users.

WAF devices can be physical or virtual devices according to your request. It should be easy to install and, more importantly, easy to configure and should not interfere with the work of application development specialists. Otherwise, there is a problem of disabling the WAF device after a certain period of time, as well as the occurrence of attacks.

Depending on what you want, WAF Devices can work entirely in the cloud and be served as a remote manageable service. In addition, it can work with a public cloud platform like Azure.

In accordance with GDPR, WAF Devices automatically recognizes and masks information such as credit card information, passport numbers, etc. so that collaborators and even WAF Manager cannot see the information of the end user.

XML, JSON and many other common application data protocols should be analyzed by WAF Devices. By looking at the logical flow of the application, the WAF device detects that the data is clean in terms of security and distinguishes possible attacks from normal operations.

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You can learn more about PT’s WEB Application Firewall Device in the brochure at the link below.

For more detailed information about Gartner WAF Report 2017, please contact us.

Application Inspector – AI

According to the research conducted by PT at the end of 2017, a medium level of security vulnerability has been identified in all applications developed and a critical vulnerability has been detected in 70%. According to PT, most of the vulnerabilities were caused by errors in the source code, and good quality code analysis identified these vulnerabilities up to 10 times better than black-box infiltration management, for example.

The PT Application Analysis solution analyzes the source code of all WEB applications, whether static or dynamic, regardless of size, and provides security reports to detect and report security vulnerabilities. If desired, the virtual patch is applied and the application becomes free of exploits.

Detecting a security vulnerability in an application is 10 times more expensive than detecting during code development. More importantly, the degree of loss of information and reputation losses as a result of the use of potential gaps should not be measured with money.

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For more information on Positive Technologies Application Analysis, please refer to the brochure below.

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